Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Beach

Our family has not been to the beach for a while so it was fun to finally,and we actually got to go with our friends to Wapaca Beach.Our friends names are Olivia (who was not there because she was at camp),Claudia who is my age,Naomi who is Alli's age,and last is Amelia who is Miles age.Funny thing is Amelia loves Miles and Scott.So at this beach there were 3 zones the shallow zone the medium zone and the deep zone.Everyone but Claudia and I was in the shallow zone,with the little slides.But Claudia and I were in the deep zone with the very very high jump (diving board),little diving board,high slide. and edge jump.By far I had the most fun.Here are some pics of us:
 Scott and Amelia 
Alli and Naomi
 shallow zone
 Cutest Molly picture

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