Sunday, June 14, 2015

Girls Day

This week was the Father,Son campout.So the girls had the house to ourselves.So we totally used our time wisely and went to Qudoba and got dinner and my favorite thing there was the soda.(Of course I had Sprite with Lemonade plus there were free refills!)We also earned a free ice cream at Culvers.We got the ice cream free because our library is doing a program that if you read every day and do one activity on their pan flit we would get whatever sheet we put our reading on.Back to the food I got mini Resses Pieces with Butterfinger and Vanilla ice cream which was really really good.On the other hand my sister had Resses Peanut Butter Cups with Heath and Chocolate ice cream Alli was in Heaven but personally I thought that was a lot of chocolate and would have given me a heart attack.But Alli thought it was great and she wanted to eat it all day if she could.She even said herself she wanted to buy it next time.She is a very insane person.Some reasons Alli is insane is because she didn't eat her food from Qudoba,gave me her Ginger Ale that is the love her life except to her Watermelon is always comes first to Alli,and she also bought that chocolate ice cream.Well when the boys got home they thought they had the most fun but they didn't we did and they never found out what we did, only our dad did.We also watched Phantom of the Opera which I have the piano book for.Our girls night out was the BEST!Here are some pics:


 girls Qudoba

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  1. Somehow I missed that you had your own blog, Gracie! How did that happen???
    Sounds like you ladies had a great time. It was always fun when we could do things just as 'The Three Ladies' as we called ourselves.

    I'll have to remember to check out your blog occasionally.